SofaPlay is the Easiest and Best Way to Stream Music and Videos from your Mac to Your New Xbox One!

After a few tests and compatibility checks (over 1,000 streams have been registered by our anonymous compatibility checker) we are proud to announce that SofaPlay is working with the Xbox One, which was released only a week ago.


To get it working, please make sure to install the Xbox Music and Video app from the Xbox One Store. Also please make sure that streaming is enabled in the settings on your Xbox. Go to Settings > Preferences > “Allow Play To Streaming” and check it. Then you should be able to stream any supported file from your Mac to the Xbox One.

And what about the Playstation 4? Sadly Sony’s console doesn’t support the needed UPNP/DLNA Media Renderer standard. It is not possible to get it working without support from Sony.

Own an Xbox One an tried it already? Tell us your experience in the comments. Also please leave a comment, if there are any problems concerning Xbox One compatibility.

Download SofaPlay ($4.99 / €4,49)


 Download SofaPlay Lite (free)



  • Anthony

    Yeah, did nothing at all. Useless app.

    • fabianpimminger

      Hi Anthony, please provide us with a few more details so we can help you to get your app working. Please note that your mac has to be connected to the same network as your xbox one. You could try opening SofaPlay first and _completely_ turning off the xbox. When SofaPlay is in search-mode, turn your xbox on and it should discover it right away.

      • ben quinttus

        doesn’t work for me as well. Won’t recognize my xbox one or television

        • SergeyMoiseev

          You just need to setup xbox video app on xbox one. If it not there xbox are unable to play and invisible for sofaplay. After that all working perfectly.

      • Kris

        I tried doing that myself and it did not work. I am on the same network on my Samsung TV and xbox one and macbook pro retina 10.9.1 all on the same network. I have the xbox video and xbox music installed. tried multiple times to keep both tv and xbox one off and when searching turning it on to try find it but I have been unsuccessful each time. Not one successful set up. I don’t know what else to do. My modem has upnp enabled. my tv is dlna neither work. mac has been restarted. what else can i do? I paid 5 dollars for the app and haven’t seen anyway of getting it to work.

    • SergeyMoiseev

      You just need to setup xbox video app on xbox one.

      • ARCreative

        Nope. Did that. Same issue.

      • Shane Thrapp

        Maybe there needs to be a video walkthrough or something, because I am running a Mac Maverick and I can’t get it to find my XBOX one… All it says is to go to and there are no answers there either.

  • Ross

    Crashes immediately upon startup… lite version.

  • Vin

    Will this work with .mkv?

    • fabianpimminger

      Hi Vin, as far as i know not all .mkvs work with the Xbox One. This seems to be a codec issue on the Xbox One.

  • I can confirm I got it to work. It did crash once or twice after I first bought it and ran it, but it works flawlessly now.

    • fabianpimminger

      Hi Nick. Could you share the crash reports with me/us so we can fix the issue.

  • Luke

    I’ve downloaded the Lite version and it’s successfully found my Xbox – SystemOS, however every time I try to play a video (.avi) the Xbox Video app launches and just displays a black screen. Any suggestions?

    Thanks, would happily pay for the full version if fixed. :)

    • Luke

      Ok, it plays .mp4s just fine, which is great! Shame it doesn’t play .avi though. Is this an Xbox codec issue?

  • IC-1101

    Doesn’t work for me. I have gone to the settings. It picks up another television in my house, but my television with the Xbox One doesn’t work at all. I have unplugged the other television, ensured the connection and network settings are fine, but nope. Thanks anyway.

  • John

    Works for mp4 but would not stream mkv

  • Dude

    The app wont open, whenver I try and open it closes immediately

  • Matthew Beckman

    I’ve downloaded SofaPlay Lite, and can’t seem to get it to recognize my Xbox One. I downloaded the Music & Video app, confirmed my Xbox settings “Allow Play to Streaming” is selected, and verified both devices are both on the same network. I’m using an iMac running Mavericks (10.9), and it’s connected to my Airport Extreme 5GHz network, the same as the Xbox One. I opened SofaPlay, then turned my Xbox completely off. I made sure it power-cycled instead of booting up in quick play mode, so that’s not the problem. I’ve also verified that I don’t have any firewall restrictions in place. Any ideas?

    It may be worth noting that I don’t have an Xbox Live Gold account currently, but I’d hope that that wouldn’t affect DLNA capabilities.

  • Alan

    Downloaded the lite version and it worked 1st time on my Xbox One, instantly bought the full app. Only seems to play MP4 but my tv and home cinema play at least .avi also but haven’t tried .mkv

  • Chris

    i’ve tried both mkv and avi files. I get a black screen and can’t stream the content. It found my tv, registered my xbox one as a OS system on the sofa play software on my mac but can’t get the video to play. please help!!

  • Deano81

    Worked like a dream for me. SofaPlay and XB1 are on the same network and SP picked up my XB1 immediately.
    I launched The Video App on the XB and them dropped the movie (mp4) onto the SP window on my mac. My TV screen immediately turned black with just the XB logo in the top right hand corner. After approx 30 seconds the vid started playing flawlessly.

    Thanks folks, I’m one very happy customer!

  • Parassite99

    I bought it. When it works (with mp4), it works perfectly. Very fast. However I suggest to add a way to play .mkv and .avi (maybe converting on the fly?) This would be great. I suggest also to add the possibility to support subs.

  • Sean

    SofaPlay works but only if I disconnect the Xbox One from the wired connection and have both my MBP and console on the wireless. This is inconvenient as I have to switch from wired to wireless and back if I want to stream to my new console. Is there any way around this?

  • Brett

    This thing is pretty terrible.
    I have yet to successfully play any video through it. saw there was an update, still doesn’t play. Hangs when trying to find the xbox – force close at least 3 times before it registers it. Then, only ever get a black screen when trying to play a video. Never leaves the black screen.
    Wish I had tried the light version before just purchasing. bummed.

    • Brett

      Sure enough, finally figured out the sequence. This does successfully play. Due to the lack of feedback and directions it made for a very poor experience. That said, once the tv screen goes black, watch for the play/pause button on the player to turn back to the play button. Then click play and it should start playing.

  • FranQui0511

    Works great for .mp4, haven’t tried .avi. Super happy so far. :D

  • Ronald Vindell

    I dont have a crash, but the xbox video app wont open. I have to uninstall the video app and reinstall for it to work. I noticed once the video app updates it does it again and wont respond to the sofaplay or the xbox remote. Please help.

  • Dan

    Well I’ve had no luck what so ever so far. Purchased the app on my Mac because it said it works with the XB1 but when I open the app it says ‘searching for TV…’ then tells me it can’t find it. I want it to search for my Xbox not my TV! The xbox video app is all installed and up to date, there’s nothing else I can do. The feedback and limited settings is a bit poor to be honest.

  • Charlie

    Hi i’ve bought the payed version and it can’t find my xbox and suggestions??

    • ARCreative

      Same issue…. really frustrated since the lite version worked well for me when testing…

  • michael

    waste of money, black screen even after it sees my xbox.

  • frustrated

    it wont find my xboxone 80 percent of the time and when it does it takes opening closing and reopening for it to recognize it.

  • ARCreative

    SofaPlay Lite worked one time, now that I bought the full version, it can’t find my Xbox One. I contacted support and they ignored me. Nice!

    • Jim

      hey you too? lmao

      • Corri Loschuk

        you need to update the xbox.

        • ARCreative

          Not the issue, but cheers to your confidence. (Is there even a way to NOT have it be updated?)

          • scla420rep

            I’m assuming the only way to not have the xbox updated is to not have internet.

  • Alan P Sanders

    When this works, it is great. And surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of solutions out there. However, finding my Xbox One is very hit or miss. More often than not, it doesn’t work.

  • Grant

    After purchasing SofaPlay, it worked fine on the Xbox One for about a week. Now it won’t connect no matter what I do. Contacted support, so we will see if I hear anything back. If not…still have time to dispute the charge.

  • MediaBrain

    Its a waste of money. Just get a dnla app like Twonky… For xbox one only works with mp4 files and no subs… So many other good aplications out there.

  • Dyoung86

    I just purchased the app. Does not work! bullshit

  • nick

    doesn’t work anymore. cannot find my xbox. tried restarting the xbox, re-installing the app, restarting my mac. doesn’t work.

  • helpmexboxkenobi

    Similar to many people below I have bought Sofaplay and yet it can not find my xbox one. I have the newest software and have managed to stream other things like youtube etc. But the Sofaplay app will not find my xbox. Advise ?

  • rick

    Just bought this app, and when it is open there is no UI displayed in the window, like it shows on the drag and drop section on the homepage. Kind of frustrating and a waste of my $5. Wish I would have saw this blog post before I bought it.

    • Brian

      Update Your Mac OS , worked for me.

  • Steve

    I open Sofaplay and my sofaplay window is blank unlike the photos I see of Sofaplay windows with, a drop down menu where the device can be picked. It doesn’t allow me to drag and drop anything into it, or do anything. I’m very disappointed.

  • Ty

    sofa play does work with .avi, it just takes 5 minutes or so to buffer. after starting the file it will look like nothings happening, thats just the lack of process info it gives you, but it is buffering!

  • Does not seem to work with Apple Airport Extreme routers. So it’s a waste of money if you have one.

  • Xbox One

    doesn’t work with xbox one, period. Save your money.

  • Louis Johnson

    To all of the doubters…. This app works near perfectly now. I would really like them to add support for subs though, rather than having to hardcode subs into the video beforehand via handbrake app. I do realize how long ago this article was written though.. Lol I see they’ve had a lot of time to sort out the bugs.

  • Louis Johnson

    This app works great, I love it.. Please add support for subs. That would push it over the top. I hate being lost in moments when scenes are in another language in some movies. I know I can use handbrake to hardcode subs, but that takes time, time I’d hate to spare.

  • Timothy Jones

    Now i can see why this app is crap u cant even get help when u ask for help says u guys provide no help at the time what is it even doing on the play store but i got a trick for u will be calling apple to request my money back. It was works fine on xbox but on my tv it will come on for 10 seconds and cut out but u cant rewind or fast foward and u can easily beam stuff to the xbox anyway the point it for having it on my tv. Now had u had someone to help figure this out than maybe id reconsider but till than im getting my refund and people yes u can get a refund just go to the store and say this does not work and damn even on here says u havent said anything since Nov 2014 lol a mess

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