SofaPlay makes Streaming incredibly easy.

Just drag and drop videos from your Mac to your TV.


Stream to your Apple TV with SofaPlay TV new

We have released a Companion App for Apple TV (4th Generation) to make Streaming to your Apple TV even easier. And the best part: It’s free.
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Supports the new Macbook Pro Touchbar new

SofaPlay displays the most used controls on the Touch Bar at the top of the keyboard. If your TV supports the time slider, you can even jump to different parts of the video.
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Stream Judder-Free 24p Videos with SofaPlay new

SofaPlay is able to stream 24p videos to your Smart TV without so-called "judder".
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Stream to your Xbox One or Xbox 360

SofaPlay supports streaming to your Xbox One or Xbox 360. If you don’t have a compatible Smart TV, you can use your game console to stream your media.
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Is my SmartTV / Device compatible?

We are using an industry standard called UPnP Digital Media Renderer to let SofaPlay do its magic. If your device is supporting this functionality, it will also work with SofaPlay. We know that often it’s not easy to know if a TV is compatible, so we made SofaPlay Lite - a limited free version - to test the compatibility with your devices.
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If SofaPlay doesn’t find your TV, Xbox or Media Device …

Learn what to do, if SofaPlay is not able to connect to your Smart TV, Xbox or Media Device
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SofaPlay is available exclusively in the App Store.