Xbox One October Update brings MKV Support for SofaPlay

Good news for our Xbox One users: Microsoft has started to roll out the latest “October” update for Xbox One. The massive feature list also includes one feature which many of our users have looked forward to: The latest update finally brings MKV support to Microsoft’s new console. That means SofaPlay is now able to stream MKV files to your Xbox One.


The update is rolling out since yesterday and should be available for your console now.


PS: We’ve already submitted a smaller Yosemite update which fixes a few bugs with the new operating system. This should be available in a few days. Also there is a much bigger update coming in one or two weeks. We’ll keep you updated. 


Stream Audio and Video Podcasts with SofaPlay to your TV

Today, @amardilo asked on Twitter if it is possible to stream podcasts from iTunes with SofaPlay. As this question is probably interesting for many SofaPlay users, let’s answer it here on the blog.


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While SofaPlay doesn’t exactly integrate with iTunes, you can use drag and drop to stream audio and video podcasts. Just grab a podcast episode in iTunes and drop it onto SofaPlay or its icon in the dock. Just as you would with a audio/video file.



SofaPlay Pro Tip: Select multiple files and create a playlist on the fly!


SofaPlay is the Easiest and Best Way to Stream Music and Videos from your Mac to Your New Xbox One!

After a few tests and compatibility checks (over 1,000 streams have been registered by our anonymous compatibility checker) we are proud to announce that SofaPlay is working with the Xbox One, which was released only a week ago.


To get it working, please make sure to install the Xbox Music and Video app from the Xbox One Store. Also please make sure that streaming is enabled in the settings on your Xbox. Go to Settings > Preferences > “Allow Play To Streaming” and check it. Then you should be able to stream any supported file from your Mac to the Xbox One.

And what about the Playstation 4? Sadly Sony’s console doesn’t support the needed UPNP/DLNA Media Renderer standard. It is not possible to get it working without support from Sony.

Own an Xbox One an tried it already? Tell us your experience in the comments. Also please leave a comment, if there are any problems concerning Xbox One compatibility.

Download SofaPlay ($4.99 / €4,49)


 Download SofaPlay Lite (free)



Happy Easter – SofaPlay only 0.99$/0,89€ for the next 2 Days

SofaPlay will be on SALE until tuesdayGet it for only 99 cents and enjoy watching a movie or listening to some music. We wish you and your family happy easter :-)

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Celebrating the Oscars, SofaPlay is on SALE this Weekend, Only 0.99$

This sunday, the 85th Annual Academy Awards will be held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. We at SofaPlay like movies and enjoy watching the Oscars. To celebrate this awesome event, SofaPlay will be on SALE this weekend. Get it for only 99 cents and host a movie night for your friends, family or just yourself :-)

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How To: Play Videos on another Mac/PC with SofaPlay and XBMC

If you don’t have a supported TV or Media Play Device, but have another Mac or PC with a big screen like an iMac, a PC Workstation or a Media Center PC, SofaPlay can also be used with this setup. Here’s how:

1.) Download XBMC and install it. 

2.) In the settings panel (found under: System -> Settings) select the network settings. 

3.) Enable “Allow control of XBMC via UPnP”

4.) Done!

Now, your second computer should appear in the list of available devices.

Introducing SofaPlay for Mac

Do you know the terms UPNP, DLNA, and DMR? … No? … Neither do we. But the truth is, if you own a Smart TV – you know, the TVs which are able to connect to the home network and internet – there is a great chance your TV is supporting these features. SofaPlay allows you to take advantage of them and play media files directly from your Mac on your tv. Just drag any movie file onto SofaPlay and it will appear on the big screen in front of you. SofaPlay streams your video wirelessly to your TV. No configuration needed, no hassle. Just drag and drop.

It’s like AirPlay, but for the rest of us!

Yes it is. If you don’t own an Apple TV, but a fancy new Smart TV with network connection, SofaPlay will take care of your video streaming needs. What SofaPlay does, is basically use a few functions which are buried really deep inside many Smart TVs and exposing them through a nice and intuitive interface. Just start the app, let it search for your device and drag a media file onto it. It will appear immediately on your big screen TV without you touching your TV’s remote control and navigating through complicated menus. Your Mac is completely controlling and managing your TV and taking care of the streaming. Just lean back on your sofa, get some pop-corn and enjoy a movie, or two.

So is your TV or Set-Top Box compatible?

That’s the big question. We are supporting every device, which is supporting the UPnP/DLNA Digital Media Renderer standard. Fortunately, most of the new TVs are working with SofaPlay. Also, there are a few Blu-Ray Players, which are supported. If your device has a network connection (wireless or wired), there is a great chance it is supported. Before you buy SofaPlay, please use this little app to check if your device is compatible. Also, consider heading to our FAQ page for a list of working devices. If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

UPDATE: We have decided to release a free time-limited version of SofaPlay called SofaPlay Lite so are able to test your TV setup yourself at home. Just download and try it to see if it works. The video/music functionality is limited to two minutes of playback, but you can display images for an unlimited time.

Sounds nice! Where do I get SofaPlay?

SofaPlay is available in the Mac App Store. You can also download the free time-limited version here to see if it’s working with your device!

(Advice: Start SofaPlay before you turn on your TV to reduce the search time)


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